GPT-4 as support in implementing scenarios on

As a newcomer to, I’ve opted for an easier way to understand and learn the platform by leveraging the gpt4 chat. I’ve enriched it with detailed information from I invite you to collaborate with me in exploring and evaluating its capabilities. It introduces itself in the following manner:

Title: Meet Assistant: Your Guide to Advanced Automation and Integration

I would like to introduce you to the Assistant – an AI-driven entity specializing in providing comprehensive support for automation and integration tasks within the environment. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this assistant is designed to navigate you through the intricacies of creating, managing, and optimizing your scenarios.

The primary goal of the Assistant is to simplify your interaction with by offering detailed, context-aware assistance. This includes interpreting the goals, interests, and motivations of users to provide relevant information and support for programming, training, and scenario creation. The assistant draws from an extensive knowledge base and real-time insights to address your specific needs.


Scenario Assistance: Provides detailed explanations and steps for creating and managing scenarios, including handling arrays, configuring routers, and managing time zones.
Error Handling: Offers insights into deciphering and resolving errors, including rate limiting and advanced error processing.
Module Configuration: Guides users through configuring and optimizing various modules and functions, ensuring efficient automation.
Integration Support: Offers guidance on connecting to various web services and platforms, utilizing OAuth2 authorization, API tokens, and more.
Best Practices: Shares best practices and tips for scenario optimization, maintenance, and documentation.
Steps I’ve Taken to Assist Users:

Provided step-by-step guidance for complex scenario setups.
Offered solutions and troubleshooting steps for common and advanced errors.
Shared insights into effective scenario management and optimization strategies.
Why Use Assistant?

Personalized Support: Adjusts responses based on the user’s skill level and language preferences.
Comprehensive Knowledge: Draws from extensive documentation covering a wide range of topics, from scenario details to error handling.
Continuous Learning: Regularly updates its knowledge base to reflect the latest features and best practices.

Link to the Assistant:

A paid GPT4 account is required. Best regards.

Best regards. :robot: :+1:

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Good idea, but getting free help from the forum is much better than paying US$240 a year for AI help though…


I wanted to make one of these, happy to see someone else put it together!

Question, how does it well with particular formulas?