🔥 Feature Spotlight: Introducing new Enterprise features & apps

Hey Makers :wave:

We are excited to introduce a bundle of powerful new apps and features designed to:

:white_check_mark: transform critical business processes across your whole company
:white_check_mark: enhance productivity
:white_check_mark: drive faster time-to-value

Let’s take a look at what’s new and available for Enterprise plan customers

New Feature

:purple_circle: Custom functions

Custom functions empower Make experts to easily create and add JavaScript functions to simplify data transformations within scenarios.

Now, technical and non-technical users can reuse pre-built custom functions to boost scenarios with more power!

Curious about specific use cases?

We’ve identified a number of interesting ones, including:

  • Execute payroll on the first business Friday of every month.
  • Determine whether a given date is a weekday.
  • Identify whether data is a number, string, array, or a collection.
  • Extract UTM parameters from a URL.
  • Calculate tax based on complex formulas.
  • Search for duplications and pairing records from different systems.

To learn all the details you can

:nerd_face: check out the article in our Help Center
:movie_camera: watch our custom functions demo video

New Apps

:purple_circle: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM effectively connects sales and marketing systems.

By connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in Make, you can easily streamline marketing and sales processes, and enrich sales pipeline data to close more deals faster.

:arrow_right: Check out Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM on Make

:purple_circle: Workday Human Capital Management

Workday Human Capital Management transforms HR operations.

Take full advantage of dynamic onboarding, offboarding, compensation, and benefits management.

:arrow_right: Check out Workday Human Capital Management on Make

:purple_circle: NetSuite

NetSuite’s robust ERP solution lets you master operational efficiency.

Connect essential systems and apps that run your most critical business processes across finance, operations, and accounting.

:arrow_right: Check out Netsuite on Make

Wanna learn more about custom functions and enterprise apps?

:arrow_right: Check out our blog :arrow_left:


How does someone upgrade to Enterprise? I’ve been trying to get pricing for over a week now and I can’t get a response.

Hi @Rob_K welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for your interest in upgrading to the Enterprise plan! Just making sure here - when reaching out, did you use the link on our pricing page?