🔥 Feature Spotlight: Scenario Inputs, On-Demand Scheduling, Run Scenarios via API

Hey Makers :wave:

I’m super excited to introduce three new powerful features to give you even more control, flexibility, and reach to your scenarios!

Scenario Inputs

:purple_circle: What are they?

With Scenario inputs, you get to define your data structure and add inputs to easily run your scenarios. This makes scenarios more dynamic and allows even non-technical folks to run complex automations by simply filling in a few data inputs.

Any values of scenario inputs defined for the scenario can be used anywhere in the scenario including mapping data, filters, and in combination with functions.

Scenario inputs are available in the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

:purple_circle: Why use them?

  • To easily set up dynamic scenarios and create specific user-guided inputs.
  • To test different scenario behaviors based on diverse data sets.
  • To empower all business users to execute complex scenarios by simply adding inputs.

:purple_circle: When to use them?

This all certainly does sound great. But what about some specific situations in which scenario inputs might come in handy?

By providing a specific set of inputs, you can:

  • ​sync information about a new prospect in your CRM
  • automatically create a new invoice, and order
  • onboard new employees and automatically create accounts for them in multiple systems (e.g. Slack, JIRA, Workday, Miro etc.)

On-Demand Scheduling

:purple_circle: What is it?

With on-demand scheduling, your scenarios can be listed as “Active” and only triggered via an authorized API call or by clicking “Run Once” in Make.

On-demand scheduling is available on all plans.

:purple_circle: Why use it?

This enables ad-hoc company-wide scenarios to be managed and organized more effectively.

Run Scenarios via API

:purple_circle: What is it?

It’s a flexible, secure, and easy way to execute scheduled scenarios via an API.

Run Scenario via API is available on all paid plans: Core, Pro, Teams, and Enterprise.

:purple_circle: Why use it?

Thanks to this feature, you can now initiate a scenario that is normally scheduled to run every day to:

  • immediately execute via the API (similar to logging in and clicking “run once”)


  • combine this capability with the “On Demand scheduling “ to only execute a scenario via an authorized API call

Want to learn more about these three new features?

Check out these resources and learn all about the details

:student: guide in Help Center

:open_book: blog

:movie_camera: demo video (below)


Exciting new features (especially Run Scenarios via API and On-Demand Scheduling). I’m curious what the long-term plan is for Scenario Inputs though. To me, this seems like a sort of “internal” form functionality. For my team, we’d rather just use a dedicated form solution so we can publish external links to the form, or we’d just rather use webhooks from other applications as a trigger.

Wondering if I’m missing the long-play here!