Multiple schedule triggers for one scenario

I have a job that has somewhat irregular scheduling needs. Is there a way to have multiple schedule modules in one scenario that each are coded to run at a specific time?

Otherwise, what are my alternatives? It seems like I can either:

  • use an external service which has better cron/scheduling functionality and trigger this scenario from there
  • create a bunch of other scenarios for each schedule that each have a schedule module that triggers the main scenario.

Both of these seem wasteful, so it would be nice if I could have multiple schedules in one scenario.

Thanks in advance!

Also, it would be nice if each schedule entry (for scheduling “At regular intervals”) in the array would expose a variable indicating which one was being triggered

Hi @casidev
As of now, you could only have one scheduling type for intervals. However, make has API that you can use to automatically change scheduling: Make API Documentation

Thanks. I’m not sure what you mean by automatically changing scheduling. Can you clarify?

In the meantime, I wrote a script to generate the different schedules and blueprints I need, which unfortunately doesn’t up being very “low code”. In this case because of the lack of expressivity of scheduling it ended up being 4 different scenarios instead of one.

Is there somewhere I can help improve the scheduling module capabilities?

You can write a custom scheduler using the make api and make app.