Is there a way to trigger modules based on variable times?

I want an http request to be triggered at a specific date and time which would be a variable from a previous module. Is there a way to achieve that?

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You’ll have to use two scenarios for that, since you cannot pause a scenario halfway.

You can have a scenario schedule a cron job callback using apps like 0CodeKit that allows you to schedule a “callback” to a URL defined in a “Custom Webhook” trigger in another scenario at the exact time you want



You don’t have to use a data store, this is just an example. You can use Google Sheets, Google Calendar, etc.

Alternatively, if you are already using Airtable, you can use an Airtable formula and built-in automation, briefly mentioned here.

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Thanks! Will try… I just discovered clockify. Do you think I can use it for this purpose?

Any external service that accepts a date time, and can make a http request will work.

Your callback scenario needs to have a custom webhook trigger that will receive this request.

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There might be another option too if you happen to be on any paid plan.

Your scenario (Scenario A) that will run another scenario (Scenario B) may be able to use a Make module to reschedule the runtime of Scenario B.

Scenario A can just keep rescheduling B.

Alternatively, Scenario A can create Scenario B based on a blueprint and schedule it during creation. Scenario B can also be set up to delete itself when done to keep the scenario list clean, but then you’d also lose history and logs.