How to: Schedule a scenario to run at a future date

Hey all,

Reasonably comfortable with Make, but have an interesting use-case which is just stumping me!


  • Client has a cohort-based course they run 6 times a year. It’s a 28-day course
  • They want to be able to run a scenario, grab the participants from ConvertKit, add them into a specific Slack channel (that’s all easy to do :+1:)


They also want to be able to set the date they should all get booted out (after 28 days). This is where I’m getting stuck.

I presume a 28 day delay in the scenario isn’t best practice. I thought another approach could be to set up a ‘run’ to trigger on a specific date/time in future. Kinda like a Scheduled workflow in Bubble (for those familiar). You may have multiple of these future scenario runs logged in a table, waiting to run on a specific date/time.

It feels like there should be a good way to do this in Make. Any approaches welcome!

You could use the “On demand” scheduling option for a scenario, and then trigger that scenario to run using the Make API “Execute Scenario” endpoint through the Make App’s “Make an API call” module.

You’d then have another scenario that would run daily, checking the table in a Datastore to see what scenarios should be triggered that day.

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You can definitely use Cronhooks for this. Super useful for use cases like the one your having. Basically triggers a webhook to kickstart a scenario at a specified date.

So when you add them to Slack, create a new cronhook to fire 28 days from now. Then have the removal scenario trigger by a webhook (submitted to Cronhooks).

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Thank you very much @DavidGurr_Make and @NolaDigital !

Both great solutions which would suit my job to be done here.

For my use here, the free plan on Cronhooks would likely cover it, and sounds like it may be the more operation-light of the two.

Thanks all

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