Running a Scenario everyday twice at a different specified Time

I want a scenario to run at two different times every day. The current platform only allows running the Scenario on one specific time, but I need two specific time each day. Thank you!

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Here are some options:

1. Easy

You can clone your scenario and set a different scheduled time.

2. Medium

You can set your scenario to run “On Demand”, and and two other scenarios to run your main scenario using the Run a Scenario module.


3. Hard

You can use the “Make an API call” module to set the next time you want to run the scenario


For examples on this, see


Could you please explain further Medium and show the steps neccesary?

Medium Option

Sure, there are two ways you can do this actually.

Option 1:

Use HTTP “Make a request” to call your main scenario’s Custom Webhook URL to trigger it

Option 2

Instead of HTTP module, use the Make “Run a Scenario” module to call your main scenario.

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