Starting Scenario Delay

it would be very useful to have the possibility of scheduling the start of a scenario with a timer with respect to the last run of the same scenario.

Let me explain: it would be useful to be able to configure scenarios that are activated via webhooks with run 1 every 30 seconds, so that if it has already started at 09:00, it can start again at 09:01 and so on.

This is because some modules - such as Gmail’s e-mail sending module - if you try to send a lot of e-mails close together it goes wrong, and managing the execution thing would solve the problem.

You can also use a Sleep module if you are sending multiple emails in the same scenario execution.


For more information about the sleep module, see

You will also want to set “Sequential processing” to “Yes” if you do this, so that other incoming Webhook requests have to wait.