Scenario execution delay

The scenario in which it is necessary to check the availability of orders sent to Google Sheets in Google Analytics.

  • Using the Watch New Rows module, I get a list of orders.
  • In 48 hours, I need to make a request in Big Query, and check the presence of these orders in Google Analytics by ID
  • If they are, then I make a note that I found and finish the scenario. If not, then after 48 hours I have to repeat the request.

Is it possible to make such large delays twice in the same scenario?


The maximum execution timeout for a scenario is 40 minutes. Additionally, there is a grace time of 5 minutes, which allows for a total maximum execution time of 45 minutes.

It is not possible to include such delays in same scenario, the workaround would be to split scenario, the first scenario should end with the HTTP - Make a request module to send the request to the webhook that would start the second scenario. The second scenario needs to start with the webhook module and its URL should be added into the URL field of the HTTP module.

Hope this points in the right direction, Thanks.