MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT [40 minutes] & Error handler notification

Hi there,

I have a question about the error message I received every time I run my scenario, or the scenario run by scheduled: "Execution was requested to stop because MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT [40 minutes] had elapsed."

I have split the scheduled scenario into 3, all 3 scenarios still gave me this error message and stop proceeding.

I have put error handlers for each action, but it seems like the limitation on Make.

May I ask if there any way I can let the scenarios continue to complete what hasn’t been run?

Meanwhile, is there any way I can stop the error handler notification. The error could be resolved by the error handler automatically; however, I still received a lot of error notification emails. Is there a way I can mute the error notification, but I can still receive emails when the scenario is deactivated?

Thank you. :smiley:

Go to the profile section and set your email preferences for Warning and Errors.

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Hi @manish_mandot, thanks for your reply. I would still like to receive warnings and errors via email. I’m just seeking alternative options to stop the warnings that have resolved by error handlers.
Thanks again!