MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT [40 minutes] & Error handler notification

Hi there,

I have a question about the error message I received every time I run my scenario, or the scenario run by scheduled: "Execution was requested to stop because MAXIMUM EXECUTION TIMEOUT [40 minutes] had elapsed."

I have split the scheduled scenario into 3, all 3 scenarios still gave me this error message and stop proceeding.

I have put error handlers for each action, but it seems like the limitation on Make.

May I ask if there any way I can let the scenarios continue to complete what hasn’t been run?

Meanwhile, is there any way I can stop the error handler notification. The error could be resolved by the error handler automatically; however, I still received a lot of error notification emails. Is there a way I can mute the error notification, but I can still receive emails when the scenario is deactivated?

Thank you. :smiley:

Go to the profile section and set your email preferences for Warning and Errors.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I would still like to receive warnings and errors via email. I’m just seeking alternative options to stop the warnings that have resolved by error handlers.
Thanks again!

Just follow up on my post: Is there a way we can increase the time, or is that possible I can set up some error handlers to continue my scenario once the scenario has elapsed the maximum execution timeout?


I am interested also to know more about it.

Hi Libin,
Have you found a fix for the error, I just got it today.

I think I just found the answer to the problem, and the solution seems to be building another scenario into your logic. Hope this helps anyone else that finds this.

Interestingly enough, my error was:
Execution was FORCED to stop because MAXIMUM EXECUTION and OVERLAY TIMEOUT [10 minutes] had elapsed

The scenario ran for 10 minutes :sweat_smile: conflicting information here…