Main scenario + helper scenario webhook response timeout problem


I have created a combination of two scenarios:
1 - In the first of them, among other modules, HTTP POST request calls second scenario’s webhook and waits for the response in order to continue
2 - Webhook is called, scenario runs - processing data with OpenAI in between, webhook response sends the OpenAI module output data back to the first scenario

In general it worked successfully but unfortunately the errors have happed few times as well. They were related to the timeout of the webhook response, that led to no data being sent back. The HTTP module gets status 200 but no data means problems in the next part of the scenario.

Do you have any advice what to do? Is there any setting to change the timeout limit? In most of the runs it worked but I’m afraid that OpenAI processing might take a longer moment often times, therefore I should built the system in some other way.

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You’ll need to add an error handler to the module that is causing the timeout, to return a webhook response that is not 200, or

You can also split the long scenario up further into two.

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Thank you for quick response.
I added the handlers as well. But it doesn’t solve the problem of incomplete automation (kind od lost run), which would work well if not the limit.
How could I get the data back to the main scenario if I split the helper scenario into two? I mean what would be the way to combine main+helper 1/2+ helper 2/2?