Triggering scenario even if no action happens

Hello fellow Makers,

I’m working on a scenario that allows my clients to receive to through email a customized business proposal according to the info they entered to a web form. The trigger that activates my scenario is adding a new row (a new form response) to a Google Sheets. This scenario is running every 15 minutes. The goal of this scenario is so that the customer receives its proposal as soon as possible. The issue that is going on is that even if there are no new rows added, the scenario keeps running every 15 minutes. That’s affecting my number of operations. I don’t want to increase the frequency of running the scenario since I don’t know when my clients will send a new response to the form.

How can I strictly limit the trigger of this scenario when new rows are added without changing the scheduling to an increased time?

Not sure if it still works as I haven’t tried it in ages, what you can do is leverage the Gsheet Extension in Google Sheets. Give it a try and see if it works,

Next thing what you can do is, Utilize A filter immediately after the Watch Rows in Make and then add a filter checking if rowNumber is present, not sure if it is needed though but if you have any immediate modules after the first one, the filter will prevent it from accessing it. Although, It will still cost you 1 operations per run.


Thanks! I will try the Gsheet extension.