Limiting scenario runs with Google Sheets Watch Change module

I use the Watch Changes trigger to add or update contatcts added to a Google Sheets to Brevo.
The scenario is triggered every time a cell is updated. So it runs a few times for every row.

How can I limit the runs?

Hello @Italian_Indie,

I don’t think there’s a great way to handle this because of what Google Sheets is and how it works.

Rather than monitoring the entire range you can try to limit it to monitoring a single column.
Just be sure to update that triggering column last when you update a row.


Thanks. I guessed so.
I have to monitor multiple sheets. So I can’t specify a single one to monitor.
If I specify a column, but not a sheet, will it monitor the same column on all sheets?

I suppose you’re right, if you specify a range you must then also pick a specific sheet, but honestly I’ve never tried this so I can’t confirm.

Another option you have is to look at every change and use a filter after the trigger module to only proceed when specific columns are not empty.

Since you’ll be monitoring different sheets, if they all have different structures, maybe add a router after the trigger module and use a combination of filters and routes.


Thanks, this is exactly what I was thinking.