G-sheets: How to trigger a scenario after new row is created?

I’d like to trigger a scenario after a new row is made in my Google sheets, but I don’t see such an option. I don’t want to schedule it for every 15 minutes - I’d like it to immediately trigger when a new row is added. Seems like the only way to immediately trigger a scenario is by adding Watch Changes, but this does not trigger when new rows are added nor does it trigger when a script makes the changes.

I’m starting to get frustrated because this is the first step in flow. Any help is very appreciated.

Howdy @Healing_Touch Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

:information_source:Trigger :make: make Scenario on every sheet update with this sheets addon
To have a scenario trigger by a change in a sheet.
The easiest way to do this is to install the make/integromat add-on for google sheets.
Alternatively if a script is updating the sheet, use


at the end of your script, to trigger the scenario. you can even pass the rows that were updated in the query string

Warning though, its really only suitable if your sheet is filling automatically with data to use the “trigger make scenario on sheet change” cause each little change will trigger it.

If you are manually adding data to the sheet for whatever reason

:computer_mouse:Trigger :make: make Scenario with Button in Google Sheets
id suggest you use a button instead to either add the row, or to trigger the scenario when the data is added.

Hope This Helps!