Transform your Christmas with Automated Magic! 🎅🎁

Transform your Christmas with Automated Magic! :santa::gift:

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The Christmas season allows us to strengthen our connection with collaborators or clients uniquely.
Would you like to discover how to automate with Make to create lasting memories? Keep reading and surprise this holiday season.

The importance of emotional connection

This season is not limited to commercial transactions; It is an opportunity to forge more in-depth bonds with collaborators or clients.

Focusing on their emotions and values creates an authentic connection that lasts long after the Christmas lights go down. Discover the Christmas Secret of the Century!

Build an Automated Process with Make to follow Santa and delight your collaborators or clients :santa::star2:.

We aim to send a message through Slack when we detect that Santa Claus is in the country of the person to greet.

Although we use Slack as a communication channel, the versatility of this automation allows it to be adapted to WhatsApp, email, or other channels as needed.

You might wonder how we get Santa Claus’s location. This is where the website that Google renews every year for children to follow Santa Claus comes into play:
This site provides us with a JSON file with the geographic location of Santa Claus in real-time.

Automate with Make: The Christmas Secret of the Century :santa::star2:

Remember, we will use Make to send personalized messages when Santa Claus is near your collaborators or clients.

Automating routine tasks can be magical, especially at Christmas!

Technology Stack: Tools for Christmas Magic :hammer_and_wrench:

Before we dive into the automated process, let’s learn about the key tools and services:

  • Make: Our favorite platform for process automation.
  • Google Maps: To get Santa Claus’s time zone and an image of his location.
  • Google Drive: Store the images generated in Google Maps.
  • OpenAI: Create the Christmas message to send.
  • Robolly: Platform to create design templates and generate graphic pieces in an automated way.
  • Slack: Channel to send the created graphic pieces.

At Robolly, I have designed a template that we will use to create various images to send via Slack.
I have attached an example with data already entered. Notice how we changed the background image to a map of the city where Santa Claus travels; we added the photo of the person to be surprised and the personalized message with OpenAI.

The magic is in the customization and creativity. Get ready to surprise big this Christmas! :star2::gift:

Prompt used in OpenAI

Create a short, happy, and fun message to greet a coworker at Christmas. Don’t greet him or add her name. The maximum number of words will be 25.

Detailed Process: Creating Christmas Magic Step by Step :gift::globe_with_meridians:

I explain in detail each step of the process we have created to provide a unique Christmas experience:

  • Obtaining Santa Claus Location: We capture the latitude and longitude of Santa Claus to track his location in real-time.
  • Time Zone with Google Maps: We use Google Maps to obtain the time zone corresponding to the latitude and longitude obtained.
  • Complete List of Users in Slack: We access the complete list of users in Slack, our communication platform.
  • Filtering by Time Zone: We filter Slack users based on their time zone, ensuring it matches Santa Claus’s time zone.
  • Geo-Referenced Image Generation: We create an image that reflects the geographic location of Santa Claus using Google Maps.
  • Google Drive Storage: We save the Santa Claus location image to Google Drive for easy access and organization.
  • Process per Filtered User: For each filtered user: We check if the message has already been sent previously. We asked OpenAI, using the GPT-4 model, to create a unique Christmas message.
  • Call to Robolly: We call to Robolly by providing it with the map image, the recipient’s photo, and the Christmas message. Robolly is responsible for combining these elements and creating the final image.
  • Sending the Personalized Message: We will send the resulting personalized message to the person, generating a magical experience!
  • Record for Future Control: We record the message sent for future controls and process monitoring.

Here’s how every step contributes to automated Christmas magic!
Prepare your space to receive the joy that this automation will bring to your collaborators or clients. :rocket::christmas_tree:

Transform Christmas with Make and Automate the Magic :star2::santa:

On this journey toward an exceptional holiday experience, we’ve explored creating genuine emotional connections and automating personalized surprises. The magic of Christmas lies not only in lights and gifts but also in how we share unique moments with those we value.

By automating with Make, we not only simplify tasks but we can create lasting, personalized memories. From following Santa Claus to sending magical messages, each step is designed to instill joy and surprise in this special season.

Transform the way you connect with your collaborators or clients, making this Christmas memorable in every way.

Make this Christmas unforgettable and efficiently spectacular with Make! :sparkles:

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