🎉 New Makers of the Month: February 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

Did you know there is a badge called New Maker of the Month in the community?
It is granted monthly to celebrate two new users for their outstanding contributions in their first month.

:drum: Let’s see who’s joining the folks bearing that literal badge of honor :drum:

A big congrats to @TediaConsulting and @zbk28382 for becoming

:clap: February’s New Makers of the Month :clap:

Thanks for the helping hands offered and the solutions brought to the community.

It’s thanks to folks like you that we can rock towards the goal of improving our collective knowledge of Make.

Awesome to have you onboard :purple_heart:

You Are Awesome David Bowie GIF by Justin

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Thanks @Michaela and Make Team!

I look forward to making further contributions to the community.

This platform has been a life changer for me and my work, and I hope that more people can benefit from it.

If anyone ever needs some help with make.com, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

How great to hear that Make has helped you make your life (and work) easier :tada:

Looking forward to the great things we’ll all get to do together here in the community!