🧠 Using Telegram Bot with Make

Hey Makers :wave:

Hope everyone’s having an exquisite Tuesday! I’m stepping in to let you know that there’s a brand new tutorial on using Telegram Bot on Make in our Help Center.

The tutorial walks you through all the steps you need to take before creating scenarios with Telegram on Make.

:footprints: Namely, you learn how to:

  • get the Telegram desktop app (since the configuration is easier than using the mobile app)
  • create a Telegram bot and get its API token which you’ll need when connecting to Make
  • add your bot to a channel or a group in order to read and post messages
  • find the chat ID to be able to post messages into Telegram channels or groups

The article also features three specific use cases. For each of them, you get step-by-step instructions you can recreate and therefore get familiar with using Telegram on Make.

:bulb: The use cases are:

  • sending RSS feed items as Telegram messages
  • sending Telegram messages to a Discord server
  • sending new Google Forms submissions to Telegram

:nerd_face: This is just a super brief summary and a teaser of what to expect in the actual tutorial. To explore all the information, you can check out the article and the video that goes hand in hand with it.


Hii Michaela

I’m having trouble using the telegram call api.

I would like to create a link to a group that expires after 1 use, is it possible to do this in make? if yes how can i do it?

I tried through the api call but I couldn’t.

Hey @diegol_pimentel ,

Could you create a new topic in the Questions & Answers - Make Community with some more details and screenshots of the issue you have?



Is it possible to have a bot sending messages to a private telegram group? the only solutions I see involve having a public group but I want to keep the group I’m working with private

How can I send a message to all bot users. Without adding the bot to any group. Just how a normal bot works