Using the same telegram bot in different cases


I configured a telegram bot and I put it as admin in a group X.
What I want to do is use it as a trigger in two different scenarios :

  • trigger scenario A with webhook A when I send a message to the bot in direct private conversation
  • trigger scenario B with webhook B when I send a message in the group X

Is it possible ? It does not seem to work and I don’t find where I can specify the group chat ID.

Hi @Pamela1

The module “Watch Updates” is a good solution for the same. For more details, refer to the below link:

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Thanks for your answer.
I don’t understand what you mean by checking telegram API.
I know that from Make I can listen to updates in direct conversation with bot. I know also that I can also listen to updates in private chat.
But I am not sure it is possible to do one thing in one scenario, and the other thing in another scenario, using the same bot. It is what I try to achieve.
(btw, it is not possible to set several telegram connections ?)

Hi @Pamela1

Apologize for the trouble. We have updated the previous reply. Kindly check.

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I am already using the watch updates module.

The problem I got is that I am using it in two scenarios:
let’s say in scenario A I want to watch updates only in telegram private group A, and in scenario B I want to watch updates only in telegram private group B.

(my telegram bot is already admin in both telegram private groups A and B)

Is that possible ? I can manage to make it work properly.

Here is the solution :point_up_2:


Hey there @Pamela1 :wave:

Thank you for sharing the solution you found here. This way we keep our community healthy and neat for others. :pray:

Keep up the good work!

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