🧠 Sync Notion with Google Calendar Using Make

Hey Makers :wave:

Since Notion has consistently been one of the top searched terms here in the community, I thought I’d share yet another tutorial by @Matous_Vrba from our Growth Team.

In the video, you’ll get a step-by-step overview of how to effectively sync your Notion database with your Google Calendar. Read on to get the summary of what goes on in the tutorial or skip to the end of the post to watch the video.

The scenario you’ll be building in this tutorial watches changes in a Notion database item and:

  • creates new events in your Google Calendar for newly added items in Notion
  • updates events in your Google Calendar when events are updated in Notion
  • deletes events in your Google Calendar when the status of the event is changed to ‘Canceled’ in Notion

What the scenario looks like

In the tutorial, you’ll learn how to

  • create your Notion and Google Calendar connections
  • set up the Notion module that watches for changes in a database and triggers the flow
  • choose from where you want to start processing the data
  • add a router module to split the flow into three pathways
  • set up conditional logic in order for the three routes to perform different actions
  • set up the Google Calendar modules that create, update, and delete the events based on the action in the Notion database
  • set up the Notion modules that update the database items
  • test the automation and check if everything works
  • schedule your workflow to run as often as you like
  • activate and save your scenario

:movie_camera: Watch the full tutorial


Hi! Thanks so much for this tutorial. Very well explained.

I’m either a dope (and not doing something correctly) or something changed in Make. Here’s the trouble.

SETUP: After GCal module updates event, I add the “Update a Database Item” module for notion as at 7:12 in Tutorial video. Then, I add the Database ID and Database Item ID.

PROBLEM: For “Database Item ID” I get a Bundle Validation Error. See screenshot. I’ve double checked I’ve set everything up exactly as tutorial explains but keeps throwing this error. Any thoughts? (FYI, I get this error in other test scenarios as well.

Thanks for any help!
Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 10.25.16

Thank you so much for making and this. @Matous_Vrba

I spent countless hours trying to figure this out, and this was gold. Within 1h I was able to set it up, and also adjust it following few troubleshooting.

However I wanted to improve this for my use, and once I cancel the appointment, and the Event ID is (deleted) is it possible then to then carry out further step which then would remove this Database Entry. Is this possible or do I wish for too much?

I also want to upgrade it further, so that when I change entries directly on the Calendar, they can be reflected on notion → first as Event ID deleted → then if Event ID deleted → delete this database item.

I would be extremely grateful for help on this.

Thank you kindly Matt.

crazy work, thanks for that i’m trying to convert this to my ios calender but its so hard with the ui and what value its need to be have can some one help me ?

Hello @goldjunge491 welcome to the community :wave:

If you’re looking for an automation pro to help you develop and/or implement this flow, feel free to post your inquiry in our Professional Services category. I’m sure someone ready to be hired will be with you shortly :slight_smile:

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