🧠 Sync Notion with Google Calendar Using Make

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Since Notion has consistently been one of the top searched terms here in the community, I thought I’d share yet another tutorial by @Matous_Vrba from our Growth Team.

In the video, you’ll get a step-by-step overview of how to effectively sync your Notion database with your Google Calendar. Read on to get the summary of what goes on in the tutorial or skip to the end of the post to watch the video.

The scenario you’ll be building in this tutorial watches changes in a Notion database item and:

  • creates new events in your Google Calendar for newly added items in Notion
  • updates events in your Google Calendar when events are updated in Notion
  • deletes events in your Google Calendar when the status of the event is changed to ‘Canceled’ in Notion

What the scenario looks like

In the tutorial, you’ll learn how to

  • create your Notion and Google Calendar connections
  • set up the Notion module that watches for changes in a database and triggers the flow
  • choose from where you want to start processing the data
  • add a router module to split the flow into three pathways
  • set up conditional logic in order for the three routes to perform different actions
  • set up the Google Calendar modules that create, update, and delete the events based on the action in the Notion database
  • set up the Notion modules that update the database items
  • test the automation and check if everything works
  • schedule your workflow to run as often as you like
  • activate and save your scenario

:movie_camera: Watch the full tutorial

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