Stack AI integration with Make (run Python, Javascript)


I am setting up a Telegram Bot.

At one point in the scenario, I need to make an API call to Stack AI.

When I make that API call, I use a previous input message (ex: hi, how are you), and Stack AI is supposed to provide me with an AI generated response.

Up until this point, I have been able to set up other API Calls successfully using the HTTP module. However, Stack AI only gives me Python or Javascript code as an option.

They have easy instructions for setting it up with Zapier (Integrating with Zapier - Stack AI) using the Python Code module, but I don’t see something similar for

I’ve tried HTTP modules and JSCode modules and still can’t get the thing to run properly.

My main questions are:
-What module would be the best to use with this type of thing? (and also cheap to run)
-Am I correct in my assumption that HTTP won’t work, and I need a specific Python or Javascript module to run this?
-Do I need to run two separate instances (POST for the input, GET for the output) or can this process all be done in one single module?

Thank you!

Hi John,

On my side I am able to make a successful call to Stack AI with a single HTTP module, but maybe it depends on the model:

Could you click the “cURL” button in Stack AI? This should help understand what input is needed in the request.

Thank you


Ok this is a bit embarrassing.

I had to upgrade my Stack AI plan to Paid to actually Deploy the model. lol Thanks for the help.

Output is working now:


Hey @John2 and welcome to the community :wave:

we’re stoked to see that you were able to come up with a solution by yourself! There’s no need to feel embarrassed about that after all you are making progress by learning how to work with the product.

Thank you very much for keeping the community in mind and coming back to us with you solution. :pray: