Javascript in Make?

Hello everyone! Wanted to ask if there’s a way to run javascript in make for “FREE”. I tried a bunch of scripting modules but it requires an account and subscription to those scripting apps. Is there one that’s for make that doesn’t require any subscription?

Hi @Nariesss,

Welcome to the Make community! There are several Apps that will run the JS script on their server for you, which of course need a subscription.

You could use Custom Functions (Enterprise only), or you could insert JS if you build your own Custom App: JavaScript in Make | Make Apps

No such thing as a free lunch, I am afraid. :slight_smile:



I see! Thanks so muchhhh! :smile:

Welcome to the Make community!

Usually when I want to run JavaScript, I’ll use the

  • 0CodeKit “Run JavaScript JS-Code” module, or

  • Custom JS “Execute a Custom Javascript” module

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