$5,000.00 in HubSpot Show up as $50.00 in Stripe

Short Version: $5000 in HubSpot is creating an invoice for only $50 in Stripe.

I am using the HubSpot Deal “Amount” field in Make. First, to see exactly what value HubSpot is passing to Make, I inserted the “Amount” field (as an orange pill) into a Gmail module (in Make) and emailed myself. The exact value that HubSpot passed to Make is this:


Then I used that exact same “Amount field” (orange pill) in a different scenario for Stripe. I used it to create an invoice with Stripe and it shows up in Stripe as this:


So, $5,000 in HubSpot CRM is showing up as only $50 in Stripe. I tried simply typing this after the orange pill:

That did not work. Any solutions?


The value in Stripe is in “cents” or hundredths. Just multiply the value desired by 100.

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Thanks. How do I do that?


Something like this:

Thanks. I tried it with plain text and it didn’t work. How did you get the green box with rounded edges?

Hey @Jesse you can find the multiplication operator in the “Math functions” tab over here:

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Perfect. I see where it is (based on your screenshot). Thanks!

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