A filter on a date is failing😫

Here is a module retrieving a date (ValidUntil) from a data store:

This is an example of data it returns:

        "ValidUntil": "2024-12-31T08:44:00.000Z",
        "UserID": "userBalin"

The date is a real date.

I am checking this date downstream in a router filter:

But this condition is never true. Today is May 12th 2024 and ValidUntil is Dec 31st 2024 which to me is “greater than” today. But the filter does not let the data thru.

The filter is using the “time” “greater than” operator.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @RalfW

Use Datetime Filter here


Thanks a ton! Yesss, that’s the solution.
I just was too stupid and overlooked there were Datetime operators in addition to Time ops.

You made my day!!!