A Guide to Generating Authorization Code and Refresh Tokens for Your eBay Account | Growwstacks

A Guide to Generating Authorization Code and Refresh Tokens for Your eBay Account | Growwstacks


This Showcase from Growwstacks AutomationSolutions provides a step-by-step guide on authenticating your eBay account. From setting up developer accounts to obtaining authorization codes and refresh tokens, viewers learn essential procedures for accessing eBay’s APIs. Detailed instructions cover OAuth token usage and making HTTP requests to fetch eBay orders on make.com.

Demo Video: Integration HTTP | Make - 14 March 2024 | Loom

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Access your eBay developer accounts and locate the “Application Keyset” section.

  • Generate your client ID and client secret within the Application Keyset.

  • Navigate to the “User Access Tokens” tab to obtain your authorization code.

  • Find your authorization code and Scopes section in the Production environment.
  • Generate your RU number by clicking on “Add eBay Redirect URL” for further authentication.

  • Copy the URL from the eBay Production sign-in OAuth section.

  • Paste the URL in a new tab to redirect to the sign-in page.
  • Copy the code from the URL tab to generate your Exist token and authorization grant.

  • Configure the URL in make.com and set the method to post.

  • Pass your client ID and client secret in the header sections and set the body type as application/url encoded.

  • Save changes and run the process to obtain your Exist token and Refresh token.

  • Use the Refresh token to regenerate the Exist token or Grant Refresh token.

  • Copy the Refresh token and make another request with the grant type as “authorization”.

  • Pass the Refresh token in the request and run the module to obtain excess tokens.

  • Utilize these tokens for API calls, such as fetching eBay orders, and confirm functionality through repeated runs.


  • Comprehensive guidance on eBay account authentication.
  • Simplified step-by-step instructions for easy understanding.
  • Access to necessary credentials like client ID and secret.
  • A streamlined process for generating authorization codes.
  • Integration with Make.com for HTTP requests.
  • Efficient management of refresh tokens.
  • Verification of token functionality for smooth operations.
  • We enhanced eBay experience with API access.
  • Time-saving approach to account authentication.

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We at Growwstacks have offered a comprehensive guide to authenticate your eBay account effectively through the generation of an authorization code and refresh token. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, users can navigate through the developer accounts on eBay to obtain crucial credentials like client ID and client secret.

  • The process involves accessing the User Access token tab to generate the authorization code, followed by configuration settings to generate the RU number.
  • With careful attention to details such as OAuth token switching and URL decoding, users can successfully procure Access and Refresh tokens for API interactions.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of token regeneration and grant type authorization for seamless access to eBay’s API functionalities. Users can confidently navigate the authentication process by executing requests and verifying token functionality, enabling them to make API calls and manage orders efficiently on the eBay platform.

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