Etsy "Make an API Call" module (V3 possible?)

Hi Makers!

I have very limited knowledge when working with APIs and am hoping someone will be able to shine a light on an issue I am facing. Corrections will be very much appreciated if anything I mentioned below is incorrect.

I primarily work with Etsy modules. I manage several stores on Etsy and my understanding is that by running scenarios through Make’s modules, it utilizes their Etsy developer key for authorization so I am not required to create my own developer accounts for each store. I was also advised by a rep that by doing this through Make, it will keep the stores safe and unlinked from each other.

Etsy has two versions of their API; V2 and V3. I believe the current Etsy modules are based on their V2 API but I am not sure if it is limited to it. The V2 API is due to sunset by the end of this year so I am looking to migrate over to V3 as soon as possible.

When I tried running the Etsy API call module, I used this URL for V3, method GET:

Link as found on Etsy API doc:

This will return an authorization error code:

The operation failed with an error. [401]: [object Object]

The error message I get found in the Integromat Chrome extension is:

“error”: “Missing x-api-key header or client_id”

In the Etsy API call module, there is a note stating “You don’t have to add authorization headers; we already did that for you.” so I am assuming this does not work for V3.

Are there any other options available that will allow me to use the V3 API on Make without needing to use my own authorization key?

Any advice or guidance will be a tremendous help, thank you kindly.