Need Help Integrating Amazon Polly on 🚀

Hello makers!

I’m deep into a super cool project where I’m trying to integrate Amazon Polly into to automate speech synthesis. However, I find myself facing a real conundrum: the infamous AWS Version 4 signature required for authorization. What a challenge!

Here’s a little overview of the steps that are tripping me up:

  • First attempt: an HTTP API call but calculating the authorization header is a real nightmare. I need to:
    • Calculate a SHA256 hash of the request body.
    • Construct a canonical request with the method, URI, and headers.
    • Create a string to sign that integrates all of this.
    • Perform some cryptographic operations to generate this infamous final signature.
  • Second attempt:
    • I tried to take inspiration from setups for AWS S3 that work perfectly in other workflows to create my own custom app for Polly, but to no avail. It almost works by making an API call from the S3 component.

Yes, of course, I’ve read AWS’s nearly indecipherable docs on API call authentication and their “simplifications,” where you need a bazooka to kill a mosquito by attacking AWS Gateway which will call Lambda functions… In short, a nightmare.

I’ve already scoured the forum and found a few threads on the topic, but nothing that leads to a clear and definitive solution for a no-code platform like

Does anyone have tips, advice, or suggestions to help me unlock this situation? Are there specific modules or approaches I might have missed? I’m all ears and super grateful for any help or ideas you could share.

A big thank you in advance for your time and expertise!