How to create a custom AWS app

Hi i want to create an application for communicating with AWS RDS using api
How can i create the connection object of the app so i would be able to send AWS api request (AWS demand to sign the http requests before signing them and i am not sure how to accomplish them using integromat)

Hi @Or_Gabay
There are a few ways you can make API request through make/integromat.

  1. Using HTTP module:

    As you can see there are many actions you can use including Basic Authentication, Oauth 2.0, and more. You need to read the API documentation how AWS wants the API call to be made then you can use the proper action from that HTTP module

  2. Building your own app in Integromat/make
    If you head over to this page you can build your own APP just like other modules/app you see in the platform. It’s time consuming but if many people want to use it, then it will come handy. Make has all the documentation for that

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