How to generate an HMAC SHA256 signature on make

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I’m new to Make and I need your help to unblock an obstacle for my project. THANKS !

I want to make an http request to a service (Binance) which provided me with an API key and a secret key. However, I get a 401 error when I use them raw in headers. From my research to better understand why, I understood that, in order to authenticate the request, it was necessary to generate an HMAC SHA256 signature from the secret key and the parameters of the same request. This signature will then be entered in the parameters of the same request.

In other words, you first need a pre-request. What I managed to do on Postman. How can I do this in my Make scenario?

I also notify that the Binance services that I am looking for are not available with the module offered by Make. Otherwise, I would have used it without problem.

Thank you for your help !

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You’ll need to use a function to generate the encoded signature. You can read general help on using functions here, and specific help on the sha256() function here.

Also, you can request improvements to existing Apps in the Idea Exchange (if you lose that link, you can find it at the foot of the Make website).


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