A summary of all paths in scenario to be send as an email

My scenario has several paths that lead to creating/updating objects in Salesforce! In between, there is a possibility of failing in one of the paths.
My scenario will work on multiple records in a CSV file and process them together. What I need is to send a report email to the CSV owner when all records have proceeded. Currently, I’m able to send emails for each record when it’s fully proceeded which can lead to multiple emails for multiple records. But I need one single email containing the summary of all procedures.

I’m posting a screenshot here to clarify my wish.

@Hossein_Shamloo I would use a combination of Text Aggregator and Set Variable.
So instead of sending emails on each path you would aggregate the text result and set a variable(s).
Then attach another route in front of the CSV parser (make sure it will run after the csv is all done parsing)
This new route will get variables you set in your other routes and send an email with all the variables included 1 time at the end of the scenario.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much Tim for your solution. But it seems I have a problem accessing the “Set Variable” tool being defined in a route from the other route!
I’m wondering who I’m able to access it?!

@Hossein_Shamloo use the ‘get variable’ module in the route you need and make sure the name is the same as what you set it in the previous route.