Sending a single email rather than each trigger?

I’ve got a scenario that grabs a json pack, iterates it, and creates new rows in Google sheets for each entry. Then, on a separate sheet in that workbook, I have some formula’s that update based on the values in the JSON pack. This all works as expected.

The struggle I’m having, is I now want to get the values of those formula cells, and place them in a single scheduled email at the end of the scenario. But when I add the “get a range of values” and then format an email to include those values, the get range and the email trigger fire with every bundle iterated previously.

I’m a bit new to make/intergomat, and I haven’t been able to find anything online/in the KB on how to let the scenario complete all the bundle additions to the sheet BEFORE firing the get range and send email triggers.

Is there a clean way to do this in a single scenario, or do I need to have a second scenario to fire off those emails, and if that’s the case, how do I configure my second scenario to fire off when the first one finishes? I COULD use a timer and give it, say, 5 minutes to complete, but it feels susceptible to failure and issues and would rather have the first scenario somehow able to trigger the second if possible?

Sounds super interesting.

Use Text Aggregator. I had a similar issue and it worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

Here is a quick example:


Thanks! I will give this a shot. It’s really not that interesting lol, we’re dumping CDR2 data from a netsapiens API so we can generate a weekly call volume report. In my scenario would I place the text aggregator in the spot indicated below? So I let the get values fire, then I aggregate the results into the outlook email, if I understand correctly?


Make sure that you use Row Separator (new row) for this :slight_smile:

I’m still experiencing the issue with despite the aggregator working as expected:

My issue here is that I want “add a row” to finish all bundles BEFORE get range of values is executed. Otherwise, it fires over and over as every row is added.

Incase anyone else is looking, I “Think” I figured it out! The yellow error is just because of me stopping the scenario:

I added an Increment function that counts +1 for each cycle. Then I added a filter that requires the path to the “Get Range” to satisfy the following requirement: Increment Count must be Greater than or equal to the “total number of bundles” from my Iterator in the previous “Add row” part of the scenario.

So the first part runs over and over until the Increment count is equal to the total number of bundles to process, then it fires the get cell data part and finalizes the scenario! Thanks for your help @Wemakefuture , you pointed me on the right track!