Add a collection to array of collections

I want to add a collection in the end of an aggregated array of collections.

Here is the scenario:

In this example the Pipedrive module has two bundes, which aggregates like this:

I would like to add a third collection before passing it on to the Visma array.

I tried everything: aggregating json, merging them, regex replacing and more… Nothing works. :sob:

Please help!

Have you taken a look at the other posts?

Such as this one


Thank you for replying.

Yes, I read that post. In my case I want to add a new collection; not adding values to an existing one.

I tried aggregating it to json, and then creating another json and merging the two of them. It didn’t work.

I tried using regex replace to add a new collection after the final one. Didn’t work…

I tried using the merge array function in different ways, to merge the arrays. Didn’t work.

Maybe some of the ways I tried would actually work, but I’m doing it wrong? I dunno. It would be super simple to do this in Python or JS. I’m thinking of sending it as a webhook to a server, fix the array there in Python and sending it back in the response… But that seems like a complicated solution for something that should be very basic…

Have you tried the add() array function? Essentially you’re adding an object to an existing array.

Build your collection first with the parse json app and then use the output in the add() call to append to existing array.


Thank you for the suggestion. The add() didn’t work here…

Explanation why - and the solution - can be found here:


Ah but it looks like merge worked once you built the collection with parse json — great work!

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