Add dynamic data to a pre built PDF (from Indesign) and send it by email


My goal is to create a a pdf which is filled with dynamic data. The data is pulled from a RESt APi. The PDF is a pre built PDF from an InDesign template. How can I arrange this in make, since all rest api pdf builders only accept their templates and not templates which are built in other software ( or are uploaded )

Hello @Slimpens,

Sounds like your PDF is “offline”, meaning you’ll need to send it up to a service that’s capable of filling it in via API request. Example of service are PDF4me,, pdfFiller, etc…
These are just example that have integrations with Make.

For getting your data to be filled into the PDF, you’ll need to use any of the standard HTTP modules available in Make, including HPP Get a File, Make a Basic Auth Request, Make an API Key Auth Request, etc…

Your scenario will need to have at least a couple modules to start.
HTTP, followed by one of the PDF modules I mentioned.


@Donald_Mitchell Thanks for your reply, I will check out the mentioned solutions. Thank you very much for your help.