Fill the PDF template with the data provided in a form


I have an idea for a lead magnet, but I’m missing an idea of how to play with it tool-wise. I want to give a useful template/document (graphic PDF ideally) to a customer for free, which will be functional for him when he puts his company data in it, then he can print it and use it. I want to make it as easy as possible for the client to put the data into the template, so ideally I would like to have the data the client gives in some form automatically put into the document.

The flow: The customer enters the landing > enters an email > the email asks for the data to be placed in the template > gets a ready-made template.

Which tools I need to make it work?

How the input comes into the scenario is entirely up to you:

  • With it is possible to create forms that can be sent via a link.
  • You can also build it via a website and send the content of the form via webhook.

The PDF:
I would work with google docs to create the PDF. A template can be created and the data is then fed in from your input.

Sending the PDF:
Sending the PDF can then also be done directly with gmail.

Here is an example of what the flow could look like.

  1. modul: Wait for the event from (form has been filled out.)
  2. module: Get the information from this item from
  3. module: Create a document via template
  4. module: send the PDF via email to the customer
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