Create Invoice PDF Using Google Docs and/or Sheets (my data comes from Glide)

Hey, guys!

I’m currently on an endeavour to replicate my app’s data into PDF so my clients can export it and send to their clients.
So far, so good: I learned how to use Integromat/Make and how to manipulate Google Docs and Drive to send data via webhook and get a nice looking PDF document.

But now for the invoice I’m kinda stuck. I have been reading everything I could find here in our community and everywhere else, but there are two major things that I’m not able to wrap my head around:

  1. how to make it look like a table; and
  2. how to format parts of my text to bold, for example.

Here is how my end results should look like. I could really use some of your ideas!

Thanks in advance


When creating a new document in docs, you can insert HTML.

For tables and formatting, you can simply insert the relevant HTML tags.


Hey, Samliew!
Thanks for helping again :smiley:

I tried that, but Google Docs didn’t recognize the tags, here’s the print:

Am I missing something?
In my template i have a key {{test}} that receive all the information above.

You cannot use the create a document from template if you want to use HTML. You have to create document from scratch.