Creating google Docs

Hello all

I’ve been playing around with the Google Docs integration - to ultimately create PDF reports from Airtable data. All working well and looking good.

But I wanted to be sure on something. I am generating an HTML table with several rows and inline CSS formatting - then creating a new Google Doc and inserting the HTML. That’s fine.

But the only module that allows me to insert HTML, I believe, is the create Google document module. Ideally, I’d create a template (with headers, page numbers etc) - and insert the HTML table into that.

But the “Create document from template” module and “add to existing document” module don’t seem to allow that. The HTML is inserted and not rendered as HTML.

Or am I missing a trick?

My table is dynamically generated from Airtable and is potentially quite long. It is also grouped using the text aggregator module.

Thanks I’m advance for any tips or just confirmation that that is indeed the case.


PS I’ve read this excellent post which helps - but wondering if there is a better way as when I follow these steps I lose some formatting and can’t add page numbers etc

Yes, I also got stuck with it, I’m creating first a document from a template and HTML table from then Airtable data, and then insert this as HTML using the create a document module.

The formatting is suffering and the output is not as beautiful as I would wish, but that’s the best I managed to achieve. Please share should you find a better solution. :pray:

Oh I have spent hours on this - but it is working well!

I created a JSON string using Make, from my Airtable data - then passed that to Google Apps Script which runs JavaScript to create a table (not an HTML table) in my Google Doc and populate it.

Hope that helps! Happy to elaborate if you need.


Hello, Will u share ur scenario, please? I need that please

@Andrew_Davies please :clap: