Create a Google Docs Document from a Template to insert a dynamic table

I am using the module Create a Google Docs Document from a Template and I am inserting text and images, but I wonder how to insert a dynamic table.
Is there a specific tag to make it? Or Is there any other solution to this? I want to insert that dynamic table to this document.

  • I tried to use Create a Document importing as html and replace {{table_here}} with that table as html, that works, BUT when I make it other blocks that are 2 columns becomes to just 1 and it gets disorganized.

  • I there a way to make this scenario using Make an API Call ?

Please read this post, this user was very close to what you wanted; maybe you can get some insights from the thread.


Thanks, for sharing, but it is not a solution for my problem

I want something like this “Create a Quote with Google Docs for each new row in Google Sheets.”

but I want that ALL the rows of thee google sheets be on google docs like the example, not just ONE row