Filling ClickUp form from scenario

Hello makers, i have this scenario which basically creates a PDF from Google docs template and send the pdf to my gmail

after getting the monthly PDF “it’s an invoice” in my gmail i download it and go to clickup forms link “public link” and fill the fields + upload the downloaded PDF in that ClickUp form

im only doing this once, since i do this to the company im working with to get paid monthly

the is very basic fields
dropdown menu, date picker, number and text fields and attachment field (screenshot below)

How i can run a scenario that fills the ClickUp form automatically, is there an API i can use or a module in make to achieve that ?

This is my current scenario which needs the manual form filling.

Hello Mohammed,

what the ClickUp form does is create a task essentially. So instead of filling the form with the data you can directly use the Create a Task module and skip the form entirely. That is assuming you have access to the ClickUp workspace and not just a link to the form.

Check the custom fields the form is populating and map them directly in the Create a Task module. For dropdown fields you will need a Switch module or a formula to change the orderindex of the item to the corresponding id.


Thank you for this, unfortunately i don’t have acces to that list, this is why i needed to dill up the form.