Add row after row n (any number) to Google Sheets

Hello fellows,
I would like some guidance or help with this where I’m stuck.

I’m trying to add a row to a google sheet after row 16 and add some text to Colunm B and C, and numbers to columns D,E and a formula in F that will multiply D by E.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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May peace be upon you @Rafael_Sanchez

You can take a look at this post Insert variable amount of rows into middle rows of Google Sheet - #4 by Automate_with_Rezwan


Hey @Rafael_Sanchez

In Make, there exists a module titled “Add a Row,” which facilitates the seamless addition of a row to a Google Sheet.
This module offers the flexibility to insert values into specific columns according to your requirements.

Screenshot 2023-12-31 141822


This module “Add a Row” does not allow you to insert a row in-between existing rows (like row 16), so this is incorrect advice.


Hi @Automate_with_Rezwan update cell is a good trick, I have thought about adding several rows and making some formulas, and then deleting those that are not necessary. I can use this in combination with a repeater, delete a row, and update a row modules to achieve the desired effect. Another option is to use AppScript although it also complicates the scenario a bit. I will see which solution I end up making and place it in this conversation thread for the benefit of everyone.