Add Row to Google Sheets at Given Row #

I’m trying to populate a Google Sheets invoice from a JSON webhook trigger. would check each JSON variable, and, if true, add a row for it in the invoice. I’m encountering two problems:

(1) always adds a new row to the top of the Sheet, but the invoice line-items start at line 11. Is it possible to select where you want to add the row?

(2) Anytime encounters a failed if/then condition in the filter, it stops the entire flow. However, even if one invoice item is not true, I need it to continue to the next.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello @David_King,

One thing you could try for item #1 is to add a Google Sheets Make an API Call module configured like this:

In the URL, replace that long string with your Spreadsheet ID.
Also, in the Body, replace sheetID with the index of the sheet starting with 0 referring to the first sheet.

This will insert one row at row 11 and move everything below that down a row. Also, the new row will inherit the formatting from the row above it.

If that module is successful, row 11 should be empty and ready to use Google Sheets Update a Row module on Row 11.

As for Item #2, can we see what this part of your scenario looks like?
The scenario should really only stop if it encounters an unexpected error or you put in an error handler.

Hope that helps.