Add row to sheet failed - Unable to parser range

:footprints: The steps you have taken
I have such flow:

  1. Get data from mySQL (24)
  2. Route - some decision (25)
  3. Select data from spreadsheet (Package name, products, spreadsheet id) (32)
  4. Route - decision is is it package or single product (33)
  5. Add row to sheet (depend on data from point 3.) (40).

:camera_flash: Relevant screenshots
Here is workflow scheme:

Here is exception and configuration:

The expected result
The expected result is to add information to google sheet about the product.

Can you crosscheck and see if the Sheet Name is correct? It should be the name of the Sheets in the Spreadsheet that you want to insert the data to.


@Wemakefuture Select will be empty as the SpreadSheet ID being used is dynamic.

Better option will be to use Enter Manually instead of Select from all, but either of them should work just fine as long as the sheet name is correct.