Adding an item onto a collection

Script to call an API and check for an object

The aim of this script to call an API end point that provides multiple parameters. One of the parameters is a feature mapping that has two parts. What I want to do is check if that feature is mapped in the list if not, add it.

I have tried multiple ways, but can’t seem to find a logic that adds the items at the end.

attempt one: alter the string the self.

I first tried using the json string that is recieved by the API call for indexOf(jsonString; {"id1":"value1","id2":"value2"}) but that didn’t work. And value1 and value2 can be found partially in the json string, so I cant even use two conditions where one is indexOf(jsonString;id1:value1) does not equal -1 for both ids.

attempt two: checking the array using iterator and adding the item to the list.

So I converting the jsonString to json and using Iterator to filter for the two conditions id1 equals to value1 and id2 equals value2.

However, when I try to add the item to the json object and convert it to a json string and send it but the formatting is incorrect. I checked by using slack and the jsonstring object I added is "{\"id1\":\"value1\",\"id2\":\"value2\"}" while all other items in jsonstring is {"id1":"value1,"id2":value2"}

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I feel like I am starting to overcomplicate the sequence. Any help would be great. Thanks