Adding new rows to Google Sheets only adds 2 rows from iterator module even if > 2 input bundles

I have ArcGIS Survey123 data coming into the scenario that includes a repeat group of test data, which is stored as an array. I would like a new row added to a google sheet for each test in the array. I setup an iterator, using the TESTS array as the input array. It seems to run fine, except that it seems to want to only process 2 bundles at Google Sheets. I can see the output of the iterator shows the 3 bundles (and I have tested other numbers as well) and they still just add 2 rows to Google Sheets. Is there some kind of limitation I’m not aware of? The Google Sheet is attached to a free gmail account, if that matters.

At this point I’m only concerned with the first iterator and Google Sheets, though my scenario includes other modules afterwards.

See the screenshots for what I am describing.
Thanks for your help and insight in advance.


Is it a Complete scenario?
Are you sure it doesn’t have any errors before iterating on 3 one.

I believe I have built a complete scenario. As far as I can tell, there are no errors preventing execution at any module. It runs fine to completion, but only adds 2 rows to the google sheet I’m building from the output of the first iterator. One of my screen caps shows a failed execution on the Box module because one test run yielded a duplicate filename so it couldn’t proceed to save the file to Box on that test run. It shows the correct number of bundles leaving the iterator, but still only two being processed by google sheets. It is the same result for many test cases.

Im relatively new to Make. Everything seems like it should function in the manner Im expecting as constructed. I just don’t know what I am missing.

thanks for your input