Aggregate Module

Hello Makers…I have a small issue I need help with.

I’m using the Aggregator Module to create a JSON bundle. It works fine, but how can I add a Carage Return or a New Line so that the JSON is not all on one one like this:

{ "product_feature": "NSK2SUITDESKTOP" },{ "product_feature": "NSK2DYNODESKTOP" },{ "product_feature": "NSK2MKVII" }

I want it to look like this:

{ "product_feature": "NSK2SUITDESKTOP" },
{ "product_feature": "NSK2DYNODESKTOP" },
{ "product_feature": "NSK2MKVII" }

The problem with the Aggregator Module is that if I put a NewLine or Return in the Text Area, then it will look like this:

{ "product_feature": "NSK2SUITDESKTOP" }
,{ "product_feature": "NSK2DYNODESKTOP" }
,{ "product_feature": "NSK2MKVII" }

Also the module Separator doesn’t allow for NewLine or Return…Any help would be appreciated.

If you want prettified JSON, you should use the JSON module “Aggregate to JSON”



Otherwise, you can use a “new row” separator, and exclude the comma from the Text Aggregator, then use a Text Parser “Replace” module to add the commas after.


This will take an additional operation though.


Thanks…these are both acceptible. I was looking for a way to avoid another module, but great solutions!