Aggregating apperations


here is my scenario:

I am making an http call to retrieve an array of different ids. These Ids are returned as an array of unknown size within 1 bundle under

I then use an iterator to iterate over this array and make a second API call with each id, to get more data per id.

I want to then aggregate all the data from each of these “per id” calls and evaluate it all together. I tried to set an aggregator module after the second http call to capture the data I want but it does not work as i expected and is not aggregating all of the calls before proceeding. I need to have this step as I must ensure specific conditions are true for all “per id” responses before I can proceed.

here is my aggregator settings:

After some reading on here, I am think I am hitting this problem because each http call is classed as an individual operation and the scenario is continuing each time a call is made, whereas i need to make each call, aggregate all the responses, then continue. But I cannot figure out how!

How can I achieve this?

Do you want to aggregate module 4 as well? What you can do is, in the array aggregator set the source module to Iterator, and that way you can then use the output from Iterator as part of the Aggregator and then do the groupby that you are currently doing.


Thankyou @Runcorn exactly the solution required. So simple once you know how!!!