Airtable and Make [504] Runtime error

Hey, I have a simple scenario that is getting a [504] runtime error when I create records after a search module I a creating 64 records / 64 bundles.

See the video fo details

I’ve been getting 503 and 504 errors from Airtable this week as well. Also note that Klaviyo has some outages, so it may be a global issue as well.

@jmacman Thank you for the update

Any App might suffer from occasional outages, resulting in 50x errors. If you want to be really robust in your scenarios, you should consider error handling.

There’s some useful strategies for handling timeouts and retries in this section of the Make help on error handling.

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Just an update, I’ve added a Break (Error Handler as per @DavidGurr_Make) on my Airtable Modules that will re-do the scenario after 1 minute. This assures me that I don’t miss any data. So far, I think it was a blip as I have not experienced any of those errors anymore.