Airtable Create and Update issue

Hi All.

I would like to create and update Airtable records :

  1. when new product will be created on Woocommerct then New record in Airtable should be created. This record should include Name, Status and Woocommerce ID.
    Screenshot 2024-06-03 202729

record 1 → original record created from scratch
record 2 → updated record
record 3 → create new record when this same ID already existing

Q1. What type of filter I have to use to pass this workflow.
Woocommerce Product ID not existing ant this time ?

  1. I would like to update exiting records by searching for WooCommerce ID and then
    a) if Woocommerce Product ID = Airtable Woocommerce Product ID = Update record
    b) If Woocommerce Product ID not exist = Create new record

I try following diagram , where on Search added following formula:
AND({Woo_Commerce_product_ID} = “{Product ID}”,NOT(Woo_Commerce_product_ID = ‘1’))

Unfortunately Airtable Update record addin new record with this same data.
blueprint.json (68.2 KB)

In theory scenario is simple:
When Woo_Commerce_product_ID exist
then update record
When Woo_Commerce_product_ID dos’t exist
Then create record

Any idea how to fix my diagram ?

Hello @Robert nice to meet you.

If you want to create or update first, you have to search on the specific field in Airtable if the ID exist with a filter inside the Airtable search module .

  1. The scenario looks like this :

  2. The Airtable Search module formula to check of the id exists or not:

  3. The filters related with the Airtable search module to check if the record exist/does not exist in Airtable

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.




Thank you so much.

Can I ask you for one more question related to this scenario ?

I updating Variation data where one of Variation is “Factory name”.
I would like to add this in to Airtable , but I realise that when variation ID is “1” ten I will be able ti get correct data , but when is different then “1” then i getting other data.

I select “2” as a static position.

Do you know how to get ts data as dynamic data?