[Airtable] Update record if it already exsists

I need to update a database of leads based on input from my email system.

When a lead is updated, it sends a webhook which Make catches - perfect.

Now I want to send this information to Airtable using “Upsert a Record” which should ‘create or update exsisting record’.

Since I have multiple touchpoints, very often an exsisting lead will simply change status, i.e. from “contacted” to “interested”

When I update an exsisting lead’s status in the email system, a new record is generated with the exact same information aside from ‘status’, rather than updating the exsisting one.

Question: How do I check if a @email already exsists in Airtable and if it DOES, update a cell in that record, and if it DOES NOT, create a new record with that information?

Anybody knows about this or can point me to where I can read about it?

Sure. Start with the docs thread. The ultimate Make Documentation Topic

You’ll need to use a router and filters to check the results of your searches on the email.


Hi @Oliver1

You can use the Airtable module “Search Records” to accomplish this. For more details, refer to the below link:

MSquare Support

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