Help Needed with Router Configuration for Airtable Record Updates

Hello Community,

I am setting up a scenario where I need to either update an existing record or create a new one in Airtable based on the data received from a webhook. Here’s what I aim to achieve:

  • Use webhook data to search Airtable records.
  • If a record exists with the same ‘Phone Number’, update it with the new ‘Name’ and ‘Transcript’.
  • If no record exists, create a new one with the provided ‘Name’, ‘Phone Number’, and ‘Transcript’.

I am using a router to direct the flow but am unsure about the best practices for setting filters and ensuring that the correct path is followed based on search results. I have attached screenshots of my current setup. Could anyone review it and provide feedback or guidance on how to optimize this?

Thank you!

Hi Derrel,
Use the Airtable module’s “Search Records” function to search for records with the same phone number. After which you could update/create the record based on your criteria.


Thank you. what i did is filter the phone input to the Airtable phone tabel then i filtered it with a basic operator does exist and doesn’t exist


That worked!

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