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Hi All,
I am trying to make a connection similar to the below and need your assistance.

The basic goal here is for Webhook to search a specific field in Air table, take the information from that field and run it through ChatGPT (with specific set parameters) and update another field in Air Table with that new text.

I was under the impression that my first step is to create a trigger in AirTable as shown below:

Then I am not sure where to copy the “Send an example Webhook to” link. Do I copy this into Make somewhere?

Welcome to the Make community!

The Airtable module “Get a Record” does not require you to set up a Webhook on Airtable.

The module already allows you to get a specific record, and you do not need to configure Airtable further.

Perhaps, you might want to consider using the “Search Records” module instead, because you want to search a specific field, and do not initially know the RecordID of the item you want to “Get” yet.



Hi @Dimitry

If you want to activate the custom webhook when a specific change occurs, you can use the “Run Script” option in Airtable. This will send the specific data to Airtable.

Alternatively, if your goal is to search for specific information at scheduled times, you can use the “Search Records” module.

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