Send data from Webhook to an Airtable linked colum via

Hello everyone, I’m sorry if this is not the proper place to post this, actually I dont know who or where I could get help from. And sorry for my English.

I’m very new to this world so I will try to explain my problem as clear as I can.

I even set up a test table so you can see it easily. First of all, I would like my clients to fill up a form like this:

Then, I would like this data to be sent to my Airtable and create a new record in the column “Chosen Colection” with the chosen colection they selected in the form. The column ‘collection’ is linked to a price from another board, which I’ll show you in the following images:

Then I made a conection in to send this data, like this:

Then it shows me an error like this:

I’m stuck on this step and I dont know how to set it up. Please help :frowning:

Hello @therealeducao,

What you do exactly depends on how the output of the Webhook module looks.
Specifically, need to know how the data arrives concerning the “Collection Chosen” field.
Let’s assume it’s an array of the names selected, even if it’s just one.

In the Airtable module, you would need to enable Smart Links.
Second, for Choosen Colection in the Airtable module, you would need to select Map to ON.

The problem, even with this, is that the names of the items in the form don’t match with the names in the Airtable (from what I can see in your screenshots), so because they don’t map correctly you will still get errors.


Hey Donald, thank you very much for your quick reply.

First of all, you’re right and I missed the names of the collections in spanish/english. That’s due to the translation I made for this example.

I enabled Smart Links and selected Map to ON, just like you said, and now it’s working fine. Thank you so much!